Our Story

"I can't be the only one having these issues, can I?"

The year is 1998. You’re a benefits manager frustrated with enrollment and administration challenges. This is your lament.  Your consultant agrees that enrolling and managing benefits is much harder than it needs to be.


How do you make things better? By quitting your jobs and dedicating your time to finding a solution...for everyone.


Believe it or not, this is a true story – our story.


Benelogic was born from the idea that enrolling and managing benefits shouldn’t be so hard. Simply put, we are a passionate group of problem solvers using technology to simplify processes.


We remain true to our roots even today, always asking “How can we make things better?”


Not every company needs a full service, robust, complex year long enrollment solution. That’s why we created Benelogic Enroll™, a low cost alternative to the cumbersome paper-based open enrollment process of the past.


So take the leap, take control, Benefit From Our Experience® and Enroll™ Today.


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